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October 12, 2022

Many records not appearing in the Scholars@Duke index and in search results.

Status: Issue Resolved

We have identified a bug with the Scholars@Duke indexer that is preventing many record types from appearing in search results (e.g. publications, presentations, etc.). Although this data is not currently searchable in the system, it is still visible on individual profile pages and should still appear in the Widgets feeds. We are working to resolve this issue.


May 13, 2022

Publication refreshes will be turned off from noon on Saturday, May 14 through 9am on Sunday, May 15

Standard maintenance will be done on Scholars@Duke on 5/14 and 5/15 which will temporarily prevent new publications from appearing on profiles.  The Publication Refresh button in profile manager will also not work during this time.


May 12, 2021

Issue Confirmed with Updating Profile Pictures in Profile Manager

Status Phase: Issue Resolved

Issue Description: There is an issue with uploading, recropping, or deleting profile pictures in Profile Manager. Our development team has been informed and are currently working to identify the issue.


March 25, 2021

Upcoming Scholars@Duke Maintenance – 3/29  through 3/31

In an effort to better support reporting across the institution, Scholars@Duke is adding more PubMed data to its publication records. This update will improve tools like the Duke School of Medicine CV and the NIH Biosketch generator. The change will require that all publications be reloaded into our database. Because of the large number of records to process, please anticipate a lag in updates to profiles, search results, and widgets between Monday, March 29 and Wednesday, March 31. Over these three days, data consumers may also see a high percentage of their unit’s profiles marked as changed. 

February 17, 2021

Issue Displaying Appointment and Position Titles - FIXED

OIT has confirmed there was an issue with loading appointment and position titles into Scholars@Duke today.  The underlying data has not been affected, however this section of the profile is not displaying as expected for some individuals. OIT has identified the cause and is working to apply the fix.

Scholars is unavailable: FIXED
August 21, 2019

Scholars is not available and the developer team is aware of the problem. It might be related to the network attached storage problem on the OIT Alerts page:

NAS Storage -- Confirmed Service Issue:

Identified - OIT has confirmed a service issue with NAS storage. Services and applications that rely on NAS will be impacted.

OIT staff are working to restore service but there is no estimated time to resolution.

If you have questions about this outage or would like to report additional service impacts please contact the OIT Service Desk: https://oit.duke.edu/help

Loading pages slowly today
July 1, 2019

Due to heavy traffic caused by the new fiscal year, Scholars pages are loading slowly today. We are working to get this resolved ASAP. We appreciate your patience.

Profile Manager (Editing Interface) may be unavailable
May 8, 2019

Due to upgrades to the background databases that help feed data to Scholars, Profile Manager may not be available between 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. today. Scholars@Duke will be accessible. However, users may not be able to update their profiles during this upgrade window.

General slowness in the update of widget data
February 13, 2019

Updates to Scholars profiles are slightly delayed in appearing in the widget data (data feed). This will delay recently updated data from appearing immediately on your NIH Biosketch generated through Scholars. We are working to resolve this issue.

Publication metadata may not reflect preferred data source: FIXED
January 14, 2019

Users who recently set a preferred publication data source in Elements may not see that preference reflected on their Scholars@Duke profile. We are working on resolving this issue.

Photo upload temporarily unavailable: FIXED
December 11, 2018

Users may encounter an error when trying to upload a new photo.  We are working on resolving this issue.

Photos temporarily unavailable: FIXED
February 7, 2018

Photos in Scholars are temporarily unavailable due to problems with the network storage. Also the widget refresh has been temporarily disabled. OIT staff members are aware and are working on thie issues.

Publication refresh is not available: FIXED
January 19, 2018

(This issue was resolved on January 19. Publications can be refreshed individually in Profile Manager right away. However, the nightly publications loads could take a couple of days to refresh all publications.)
Publications added or changed in Elements today cannot be loaded to Scholars@Duke due to problems with the Elements API. We have disabled the manual refresh button in the Publications section, and the Publications load has been temporarily turned off. Developers are investigating the problem and we'll report back as soon as we have more information.

Elements Unavailable on Wednesday, December 20th
December 18, 2017

The Elements publications system will not be accessible on Wednesday, December 20th, at which time it will be upgraded from version 5.5 to version 5.8. Version 5.8 will include a number of fixes and improvements.

Publications Duplicated in Widgets Data Feed But Not on Profile FIXED
November 21, 2017

Publications are being duplicated in the Widgets data feed, but are appearing properly on the Scholars profiles themselves. Our development team is investigating and we will give you an update soon.

Intermittent Problems with Widgets Data FIXED
November 17, 2017

The Scholars team is investigating problems with data fed by the widgets. Currently no other information or remedies are available.
Update as of Monday, November 20: We believe that widgets are getting updated with changes from Scholars as they would normally, and we aren't aware of problems. However we are still investigating, and developers are planning to run a full re-index tomorrow to ensure that all data is updated.

Profile Manager Error FIXED
November 14, 2017

Scholars Profile Manager is currently displaying an error, so users cannot edit any data on their profiles in Scholars right now. Developers are aware and we'll give you an update soon.

Scholars Photo Rotating 90 Degrees (Intermittently) FIXED
July 27, 2017

Uploading a photo in Scholars rotates it to the right 90 degrees intermittently. Our development team is aware of the problem and currently investigating. We will update this site with more information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

Profile Manager v1.1 is Released
July 26, 2017

As a follow up to the new Scholars Profile Manager launch in April, the editing interface for Scholars@Duke has been further updated. Profile Manager 1.1 is now available, giving faculty the power to share even more about their scholarship and research at Duke. Featuring new scholarship fields, such as Current Research Interests, Duke Appointment History, and Gifts and Other Support, and other overall improvements, Profile Manager makes updating Scholars profiles easier than ever.

These new scholarship fields will further support the new APT-based CV format that will be available later this summer.

Faculty Data Repository and Profile Manager Errors: FIXED
July 25, 2017

Profile Manager is unavailable today due to problems with data loads last night. Also, the People table in FDR has very little data. Developers are aware of the problem and they are re-running the affected data loads. The loads should finish by mid-afternoon and Profile Manager should be back online before the close of business hours today. We will update this site with more information as it becomes available. Thanks for your patience.

Profile Manager Unavailable on June 28 (FIXED)
June 20, 2017

On Tuesday June 28 from 8 a.m. to noon, Scholars Profile Manager (the editing interface) will be unavailable for editing profiles. Scholars public profiles and search will not be affected. During the downtime, non-faculty profile URLs will be converted from using the NetID to Duke IDs as the identifier.  After the identifier conversion, expect the following changes to non-faculty profiles in Scholars@Duke:

  1. The profile URI will no longer contain the Net ID.  Rather it will contain a new 7-digit numerical ID.  The retired URI may still be accessible in the widgets but will only point to an archived version of the profile data and will not be updated with any new information.  Going forward, you will need to point to the new profile URI to receive up-to-date profile data.

Retired profile URI: https://scholars.duke.edu/individual/perNetID

New profile URI: https://scholars.duke.edu/individual/per1234567

(Note: The customizable profile URL will stay the same: https://scholars.duke.edu/individual/damaris.murry )

  1. All metadata URIs that contained the Net ID will be updated to contain a new 7-digit numerical ID.  For example, the image filename for the profile picture will be updated.  The profile updatedAt date & imageModTime attributes will be updated to reflect that there has been a change.

Retired Image File Name: image_NetID.jpeg

New Image File Name: image_1234567.jpeg

  1. As an added convenience, you will now be able to fetch all non-faculty widgets using the Duke Unique ID. 

Option 1 for fetching widgets: https://scholars.duke.edu/widgets/api/v0.9/people/complete/all.json?uri=https://scholars.duke.edu/individual/per1234567

Option 2 for fetching widgets: https://scholars.duke.edu/widgets/api/v0.9/people/complete/all.json?uri=DukeUniqueID

  1. If you are linking non-faculty directly to profile manager, these pages will have a new URL containing the Duke Unique ID. 

Retired Profile Manager URL: https://scholars.duke.edu/vivo_admin/manage_profile/NetID

New Profile Manager URL: https://scholars.duke.edu/vivo_admin/manage_profile/DukeUniqueID


Award Description and Links Not Appearing on Profile
June 5, 2017

Award descriptions and associated web link data added in profile manager do not display on the public profile. Developers are looking at the problem and we hope to have it resolved shortly.

Publication Loads Only Working Intermittently
June 5, 2017

The overnight load process that imports publications data from Elements is only working intermittently, so new publication data may not be updating automatically overnight as anticipated. Developers are looking at the problem and we hope to have it resolved soon. In the interim, to manually refresh publications, go to the Selected Publications section in Profile Manager and click the refresh icon.

Professional Training Bug in dFac
May 23, 2017

The description field for professional training records is not saving data. Please contact your dFac user if it looks like data is missing in Professional Training.

Professional Training Records not Loading into Scholars: FIXED 5/4/17
May 2, 2017

Professional training information (residencies, fellowships, board certifications) are not loading from dFac into Scholars@Duke. Developers are looking at the problem and we hope to have it resolved shortly.

New Version of Profile Manager is Released
April 10, 2017

Scholars Profile Manager, the editing application for Scholars@Duke, has been updated with a new look and feel. The navigation panel on the left gives access to all sections and instructions for editing are displayed above each section. For more information, see Quick Tips or the Scholars@Duke User's Guide.

Additional data fields will be available next month, and updated widgets and CVs will be available later this summer.

Unable to Refresh Publications from New Elements Version: FIXED
February 20, 2017

After the upgrade to the new Elements version earlier this morning, Scholars@Duke is unable to refresh/pull in updated publications. Please be patient as we work through this problem and get it resolved.

Profile Manager is Working Intermittently: FIXED
February 1, 2017

Earlier this morning, Profile Manager, which appears when users click the "Manage Profile" button on a profile page, was down. It is now back up but saving data takes much longer than normal. Please be patient as we work through this problem and get it resolved.

Problems with the Non-faculty profiles Batch Job
January 13, 2017

In October 2016, the Scholars developers ran a batch job to create non-facutly profiles for postdocs and some graduate students as requested by school. Over the last month, many problems with that batch job have been discovered and remedies attempted.

Initially, profiles were created for more graduate students than requested. These extra profiles were deactivated by the Scholars team using a batch job but this batch job deactivated more student profiles than it should have and thus, some graduate student profiles disappeared. These have been reactivated. Additionally, the index has had trouble displaying some of these profiles correctly, finding profiles that should have been deactivated and not finding profiles that are active. This sequence of events perfectly embodies that old software saw, "most fixes are to fixes." Jokes aside, the Scholars team apologizes for these problems.

As of today, we believe that all profiles that should be active are indeed active and can be found in the search. Please email scholars@duke.edu if you find otherwise.

CV Publication Sort Order Changed
December 14, 2016

Previously, publications on the Scholars CV were listed in chronological order with the oldest publications listed first. We have changed the publications sort order to reverse chronological, so now the most recent publications appear first.

Fix for incorrect grant start dates
November 28, 2016

We fixed a bug that displayed grant start dates incorrectly, for example, if one of the renewal years wasn't funded and the grant appeared to start during the next year rather than the original year.

Profiles for new graduate students created
November 28, 2016

Scholars profiles have been created for new graduate students in Trinity programs. These were created via a batch file submitted by Trinity Technology Solutions.

Problems with subject headings
November 18, 2016

Two issues were fixed:

  • Subject heading search sometimes didn't return Library of Congress subject headings
  • Links to Duke vocabulary subject headings were broken

"Generate CV" problems in Safari

The "Generate CV" button does not work correctly when used in the Safari browser. Please use Chrome instead. Safari has been incompatible with many Duke apps recently, but we will continue to look for a solution to these problems.

Publications section refresh working intermittently

Sometimes the refresh button for the Publications section appears to get stuck and not finish. Although the refresh itself finishes, the message does not get updated. Please check to be sure the publications are refreshed before reporting this as a problem. We are aware and continue to monitor the problem.

Publications Refresh Not on Tuesday, 7/12: FIXED

Users cannot refresh publications in Elements at this time (Tuesday afternoon, July 12). We hope to have the problem cleared up shortly. Thanks for your patience!

Not Able to Log into the Elements Publication System: FIXED
July 5, 2016

A problem occurred with the user data load in Elements over the weekend, and many user accounts (especially faculty) were inadvertently set to be inactive. We're currently working on getting this fixed - in the meantime, these users won't be able to log into Elements, and power users and delegates will not be able to impersonate them. We hope this will be fixed quickly. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Missing Data on Non-Faculty Profiles: FIXED
June 24, 2016

Photos and publications are still missing from some non-faculty profiles. Developers are actively working to resolve this problem and we hope to get it fixed today. Please check back later today for an update.

(6/23/2016) The problem with the loads over the last few days that caused non-faculty profile information to disappear is resolved for most profiles, but photos are still missing from some non-faculty profiles. If photos are missing from your non-faculty profiles, please check back here at the end of the day today (Thursday 6/23) for an update.  If you notice other problems with non-faculty profiles (or any other data) please email scholars@duke.edu and let us know about the problem. Thanks for your patience!

Widgets Problems with Publications: FIXED
June 1, 2016

Due to a recent bug, no publications are being fed into widgets for users without a Preferred Citation Style set. The problem is not happening for users who have set their Preferred Citation Style. We expect this problem to be fixed shortly. Apologies and thanks for your patience!

Error in Profile Manager: FIXED
April 19, 2016

This morning, Scholars profiles cannot be edited due to an error message that appears when users click the "Manage This Profile" button. The error message reads, "There has been an error. There was an error processing this request. Please refresh to try again, check the URL, or click Back on your browser and take a different action."

Developers are actively working to resolve it and we'll keep you posted.

Data Refresh Problems due to Database Outage: FIXED
April 13, 2016

Last night, the Scholars database had problems that interrupted some of the data loads. Consequently, some Scholars data may not have refreshed last night. The technical team is still investigating and we will let you know if we learn more.

Ongoing Widget Issues: FIXED (we are re-loading all widgets data weekly but will continue to investigate these problems)
March 1, 2016

The Scholars development team is working to resolve intermittent and sporadic problems with widgets. For some faculty, the Widget Builder is displaying an error. For others, publications are not getting refreshed in the widgets (but are OK in the profile). If you see a widgets problem, please submit a Help ticket so that the team can investigate a manual refresh.

Additional Distinguished Professorship Titles are Displaying: FIXED
February 19, 2016

Distinguished Professorship titles that have ended, i.e. historical records, are temporarily displaying on Scholars profiles. We expect to have this problem fixed within the next week.

Widget Builder Error for Some Profiles: FIXED
January 19, 2016

For some profiles, the Widget Builder (Add Data to my Website button) is displaying an error message and is not functional. For others, the Widget Builder works fine. We expect this to be fixed overnight, by Wednesday, January 20.

Widgets Not Updating: FIXED
January 14, 2016

A problem with the widgets and the Scholars index (search field) has prevented any updates to the widgets since January 6. Therefore, week-old data is being displayed on any departmental websites that feed Scholars data using the widgets or the Drupal module. We're in the process of re-running the widgets and the Scholars index and will let you know when it's complete. UPDATE: The widgets data is now current as of today, January 15.

Mass Hide of Unedited Subject Headings: Postponed to January 21
January 11, 2016

As part of our improvements to Scholars subject headings/keywords, we will be hiding all subject headings in Subject Heading sections that have never been edited, meaning a subject heading has never been added or hidden. This "mass hide" will occur on Thursday, January 21 at 5 pm. If you have added or hidden a subject heading, your Subject Heading will not be affected. If you have never added or hidden a subject heading, then all of your subject headings will be hidden automatically. It’s quick and easy to un-hide subject headings after they are hidden. Even when hidden, these subject headings will be associated to publications to facilitate searching.

After the “mass hide,” changes to profiles may not be visible for a few days while the update load runs. New functionality for adding subject headings will be available in Scholars in the coming weeks.

testing: https://scholars2-test.oit.duke.edu/display/per3392742

Delays in load/refresh of publications in Scholars@Duke from Elements
December 7, 2015

Publications added to or updated in Elements are normally pulled into Scholars@Duke overnight and display in Scholars@Duke the following day. However, due to issues with the overnight publications load process, there is now a 3 - 4 day lag time in publications updating in Scholars@Duke from Elements. Our development team is working to address the issue. In the interim, we recommend initiating a manual refresh of your publications in Scholars@Duke immediately after making any updates in Elements.

To initiate a manual publications refresh in Scholars@Duke:

  1. Click the "Manage This Profile" Button on your Scholars@Duke profile
  2. Log in with your netid and password (if necessary)
  3. Scroll down to the "Selected Publications" section and click on the refresh icon (circular arrows) just to the right of the "Manage Publications" button


After initiating the manual refresh, you will see a message indicating that the refresh is in process. The refresh process normally takes 5 - 10 minutes.


Publications from REACH NC

We're currently experiencing an issue harvesting REACH NC journal articles; there seems to be a lag time getting those downloaded into Elements and Scholars. We are still troubleshooting how widespread the problem is and what might be causing it.

Maintenance Alert for November 8th from 4:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
October 27, 2015

We are scheduling a 2 hour maintenance window on Sunday, November 8th, 2015 from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. to apply the latest set of database and OS patches to our database server. Scholars@Duke will not be editable during this time. If the maintenance does not take the full 2 hours, it will be made available sooner.

Raise Your Profile Winner!

Jay Golden is our iPad winner! Congrats, Jay, and thanks for updating your profile on Scholars!

Minor additions and fixes, week of September 28, 2015

  • The Advising & Mentoring drop-down menu was partially hidden in Profile Manager and is now fixed.
  • The "School" field is now available for all appointments on the widgets.
  • Editing Professional Activities now appears in the "Recent edits" section in Profile Manager.

NEW: Scholars widgets work on sites.duke.edu
September 30, 2015
A recent update to sites.duke.edu now allows Scholars feeds using the widgets. After clicking "Add Data to My Website" on a profile page, you'll see the Widget Builder. Select the data you'd like to feed and then click the "Copy to sites.duke.edu" button. This copies the URL of the javascript to your clipboard. On the sites.duke.edu post or page where you want the Scholars feed to appear, on either the Visual or Text tab, select Paste. You will see the info from Scholars@Duke appear. Don't forget to save and/or publish as usual in sites.duke.edu.

NEW: "Office Hours" Data Input Fields
September 18, 2015
To add your office hours to your Scholars profile, click "Manage This Profile" and in Profile Manager, the Office Hours field is below the Overview. Click the pencil icon to display an editor in which you can add your office hours.

NEW: "In the News" section on Public Profiles

As of 8/4/2015, an "In the News" section appears on Scholars profiles when Duke Today publishes a news story featuring a faculty member in Scholars@Duke. External news stories are also linked to Duke Today and appear in Scholars profiles. These news stories are loaded weekly but the section can be refreshed in Profile Manager (click the "Manage this Profile" button and then the refesh button in the "In the News" section). For more information, see the User's Guide on the Support page.

FIXED: Hidden Awards & Honors and Global Scholarship Records Still Showing on Public Profile
Updated: 7/27/2015

Hiding sections or items on the Scholars profile is now working correctly. If previously-hidden items are still appearing on the profile, please hide or edit them again. The hiding or editing will work correctly this time. Thanks for your patience with this problem!

NEW: Additional Publication Types
June 1, 2015

Elements has made three new publication types available:

  • Journal Issues
  • Book Reviews
  • Book Series

These types will appear as sub-sections under Publications on Scholars profiles. For more information, see the Elements Help page.

FIXED: Global Scholarship "show more" buttons not working

Updated: 5/5/2015

The "show more" buttons are static and the coloring seems off. Our developers are currently diagnosing the problem. When a resolution is determined, this section will be updated to reflect an estimate of the time it will take to implement the fix.

FIXED: Scholars Display Issues
Updated 4/24/2015

  • Columns were too narrow on the Schools/Institutes page
  • Appointment types were ordered incorrectly
  • Countries were inadvertently linked
  • Profile page space was incorrect

FIXED: Profile Manager is Not Available
Updated 4/8/2015

Users can now login to Profile Manager (using the "Manage This Profile" button). This problem has been resolved.

FIXED: Problems finding Scholars Profiles
Updated 4/1/2015
All profiles and all data are in Scholars, some can't be found in the Search box. Users can navigate to profiles through the Schools/Institutes, People or Research pages. This problem is caused by an incomplete indexing process and will be remedied overnight.

FIXED: Global Scholarship Drop down Empty/Not Functioning Properly
Updated 4/1/2015

When users attempt to add global scholarship, the drop down box containing the available regions is empty. Our developers are currently diagnosing the problem. When a resolution is determined, this section will be updated to reflect an estimate of the time it will take to implement the fix. Thank you for your patience as we work to correct this issue.

FIXED: Some Publications Failed to Load Overnight
Updated 3/30/2015

For some profiles, the publications load failed last night, so no publications appear in Scholars@Duke, although they are in Elements. Our development team is looking into this problem and we'll update you as soon as possible.

Publications can be refreshed manually by clicking "Manage This Profile" on an individual's profile page, and then scrolling down to the Publications section. Click the circular arrows to manually refresh the publications list.

FIXED: Some Profiles Unavailable
Updated 3/30/15

An intermittent problem has been preventing profiles from being displayed. When users navigate to a profile, they see a blank page saying only, "There was an error in the system."

We're working on a fix but there's also a temporary workaround; login and re-save the Overview section. When you return to the profile, the problem should be fixed. Any  user with access, such as the profile owner or the power user, can login and fix this problem.

If you see this problem, please report it via Scholars Help Ticket form so that we can monitor how often it's happening. Thanks!

Scholars@Duke upgrade to VIVO 1.7

A new version of Scholars@Duke was releasd on Monday, March 16.

What's in the new version? The underlying data structure has been improved and only minor changes will be visible, including:

  • On profile pages, authored and edited publications are listed together in the Selected Publications section.
  • On the Research tab, the Browse By menu displays Artistic Works and Non-Print Media by Type.
  • The People page shows photos next to names.
  • Many headings have been changed: "Geographical Focus" is now "Global Scholarship," "Keywords" are called "Subject Headings," and "Artistic Works" is now "Artistic Works and Non-Print Media."
  • Performance will improve gradually over the next week so profiles and other pages will load faster.
  • Users of the Scholars widgets should see no interruption or changes in the data feeds from the new version of Scholars@Duke.

Please communicate this information to your faculty according to the communication processes in your school or department. Problems or questions should be submitted via the Scholars Help Ticket form.

Thanks for your help with Scholars@Duke!

Julia Trimmer, Lamont Cannon, Damaris Murry and the Scholars@Duke development team