Recent Enhancements

Planned Development

  • Advanced Search: we're adding ways to make it easier to find people, planned for late spring/early summer
  • Profile Manager re-design: lots more data fields and better organization of the profile editing interface, planned for release later this summer
  • Search Engine Optimizations to display better results in search engines such as Google

Recent Enhancements

2016 - April

  • Scholars profile URLs have been made easier to read and customizable. We've created a profile URL "alias" using the email alias, for example, The URL can be changed in Profile Manager, for example, to The original URI ( will also link to the Scholars profile.
  • To find the original URI, go to the person's profile and hover over the "Manage This Profile" or "Add Data to my Website" buttons. The URI appears at the bottom of your browser window after the "uri=" code.
  • Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) improvements have been put in place to make it easier for Google and other search engines to find Scholars profiles. Over the next few months, Scholars profiles will appear higher in results displayed when users search by names of profile owners.

2016 - March, part 2

New functionality for Subject Headings has been added to Scholars! New features include:

  • A simplified page for adding multiple Subject Headings at once (click the "Select Additional Subject Headings" link) and updating the profile
  • A new Duke Subject Headings vocabulary for terms not found in the Library of Congress or MeSH vocabularies. Users can search the Duke Subject Headings and request terms; the Scholars team will add them to the Scholars profile.

2016 - March

  • We’ve added “museum collections” to Artistic Works types.
  • Improvements have been made to the non-faculty profile creation page
  • We implemented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) task 1 of 4: change the display of Scholars page in Search results page. Results in Google now appear as “Anne Daphne Yoder | Scholars@Duke.”
  • Long author lists are now limited to roughly 500 characters, without truncating names.
  • Former faculty can now have a non-faculty profiles created for them (formerly prevented by the system).
  • We fixed a problem that displayed information about a profile edit multiple times.
  • We fixed a problem that displayed historical named professorships (which have ended) on Scholars profiles.

2016 - January

  • New in January: a CV can be generated from your Scholars profile. After logging in to Profile Manager, users can click "Generate CV" to open a Word document with Scholars profile information.

2015 - December

  • In Profile Manager, after logging in, users can see pageview analytics (number of unique visitors to view profile in last 7 days or 90 days and total number of visitors).
  • Grants for roles other than Investigator and Co-Investigator, such as Statistician, Mentor, and Associate, are now loading in Scholars@Duke.
  • Profile Manager now displays the number of pending publications in Elements.
  • For easier browsing, the back button takes viewers back to expanded sections on profile pages.
  • All user-provided URLs now  open in a new browser tab/window.

Added to widgets:

  • New grant roles
  • "In the News" section
  • More details about conference publications

2015 - November

  • We've improved the interface for added/managing non-faculty on "Manage Scholars Data" page (see the link at the bottom of the home page):
    • If you have access to create non-faculty profiles, you'll see the "Non-faculty Member" search at the top. Enter the name of the person you're creating a profile for, and click "Search." In the results, click a name to create a profile. Then select the department in which this profile will be created.
    • If the profile's been created already, click the "Edit Profile" link to add the profile in your department.
    • The "Has Profile" link means that this person has a profile in your department or you don't have access to add them to your department.

Other enhancements:

  • Now display the publication type with sub-type in parenthesis at the top of the publication entity page
  • "Musical score" is now a sub-type for "Book" and "Book Section" in Elements as a way for Music faculty to capture their published musical compositions
  • New sub-types PhD Thesis, Master's Thesis, Undergraduate Dissertation have been added to "Theses and Dissertations" type

2015 - October

  • Conference Papers metadata added from Elements: We now display conference name, conference location, conference start and end dates, and the publisher on the Scholars@Duke profile and on the publication entity page

2015 - September

  • Enabled non-faculty to have multiple affiliations
  • "Office Hours" field added to Scholars@Duke profiles

2015 - August

  • Implemented “In the News” section in Scholars@Duke profiles --- automatically shows news stories about faculty in Duke Today or in other media sources

2015 - July

  • Refreshed Scholars@Duke home page photos and added photo captions that link to the faculty member's profile

2015 - March

  • VIVO 1.6/1.7 Upgrade

2014 - December

  • Loaded last five years of professional activities data from FDS for Trinity Arts & Sciences Faculty
  • Refreshed photos on the home page
  • Revised home page to include specific calls to action (Find People, Explore Duke Research, Edit My Profile) and make support resources more visible and accessible

2014 - September

  • Professional Activities fields for Service, Outreach & Engaged Scholarship, Awards & Honors, Mentoring, and Presentations & Appearances
  • Publication citation format selection

See the Scholars User's Guide and the Data Consumer's Guide for more information about these enhancements.

2014 - June

  • New publication types added for display from Elements: Digital Publications and Software
  • Report by Year added allows faculty to copy data into Microsoft for annual reporting or other purposes
  • Non-faculty profiles for researchers and academic staff who are not faculty

2014 - May

  • Artistic Works Events added to the Widget Data

2014 - February

  • Keywords/subject headings added from the Library of Congress controlled vocabulary
  • Publication subtypes added in Elements (i.e. Online - Blog)
  • Geographical Focus types added: Expertise, Research, and Teaching
  • Artistic Works added

2013 - November

  • "Faculty in the News" Section added to the Scholars@Duke Home page
  • "Hide Pubs Graph" functionality added to Scholars@Duke Profile Manager
  • More grants made available via "Can Be Publicized"
  • Appointment start dates now reflect start of rank
  • Publication types added
  • Widget additions: Individual widgets have more data (Advanced)
  • Updated User manual