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Who is a Scholars Power User?

Power users answer basic questions (including how to use new features and functionality) and pass along information about Scholars@Duke, so that faculty members have a local resource when they need help. Power users also coordinate the update of faculty data pulled in from other Duke institutional systems (dFac (Name, appointments, Degrees), Sponsored Project System (Grants), etc.) on the behalf of the faculty member. See the Power User's Guide for more information concerning the roles and responsibilities of power users.

Are You Currently a Power User?

To add/remove power users or subscribe to the power user mailing list, submit a help ticket.

Find Your Power Users

Dean’s Office
Rebecca Dupre

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Cherisa Williams

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Karolina Angell
Ellen Currin

Biomedical Engineering
Ellen Ray

Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Glenda Hester

Finance & Administration
Donald Woolley

Medical Education
Steven Wilson

Medical Center Library
Emily Mazure

Basic Science Departments

Linda Herndon
Esther Self

Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
Kim Hall
Crystal Hoffman
Sharon Updike

Cell Biology
Mollie Sykes
Jackie Soderling

Jennifer Goins
Kasey Wrenn
Todd Leovic 

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Melissa Sykes Palmer
Kristin Thole

Jennifer Kornbluth
Melissa Segal
Christina MacDonald

Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
Trena Martelon

Population Health Sciences
Wendy Goldstein
Ebony Nash

Clinical Science Departments

Janeka Jenkins
Sarah Crews

Community & Family Medicine
Stephanie McCollum
Felicia Bell-Tanner

Tria Smothers

Anton Zuiker
Elizabeth McCamic
Barbara Milton
Tracey Koepke

Linda Wilkins

Katherine Ervin

Lori Rayman
Carol Harbers

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jane Black
William (Bill) Hackney

Tori Hall

Eugene Rossitch
Sheila Walls

Patricia Massard

Rebecca Casey

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Angela Garrett

Radiation Oncology
Michelle Cooley

Dara Ferguson

Brooke Walker

School of Medicine Institutes & Centers

Center for Aging
Jamazina Smith

Center for Brain Imaging and Analysis
Amanda Griffin

Center for Human Genome Variation
Chris Yoshida

DCI Director's Office
Anne Guyton

Duke Clinical Research Institute
Shawna Alkon
Matthew Harker

Human Vaccine Institute
Caroline Cockrell

Sarah Stedman Nutrition Center
Mayre Loomis

Dean’s Office
Deborah Hill


Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Jack Edinger
Marion Monson
John Taormina
Megan Whitney

Arts of the Moving Image
Karen Johndro
Hank Okazaki

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Shai Ginsburg
Mindy Marcus
Jenny Hirtz

Classical Studies
Matthew Meyer

John Hanks
Jennifer Prather

Quanta Holden
Catherine Beaver

Germanic Languages & Literature
Margaret Swanson
Dorothy Thorpe-Turner

Karen Bell

Elizabeth Thompson

Stacey Meyers

Religious Studies
Marissa Lane
Carol Rush
Holly Rich

Romance Studies
Deborah Ferettino
Lauren Babineau

Slavic & Eurasian Studies
David Baxter

Theater Studies
Dierdre Shipman
Rachel Thimke

Thompson Writing Program
Melissa Pascoe
Mary Keddington

Natural Sciences

Blythe Boquist
Caroline Usher

Christiana Gooden
Trish McMillan
Janet Rosenthal

Computer Science
Celeste Hodges

Evolutionary Anthropology
Lisa Jones

Wayne Williamson
Kristen Gerondelis

Barry Wilson
Cristin Paul

Psychology and Neuroscience
Matt Mielke
Robert Marks
Peggy Morrell

Statistical Science
Karen Whitesell
Nicole Scott

Social Sciences

African & African American Studies
Tyra Dixon
Camille Jackson

Cultural Anthropology
Patricia Bodager

Katie-Rose Repp
Sarah Tung

Emily Rymell
Donna Puckett

Robin Pridgen
Ruebe Holmes
Jamie Hardy

International Comparative Studies
Lisa Poteet
Jon Puckett

David Baxter

Political Science
Shaun King

Jesse Riggan
Bob Jackson

Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Kim Carlisle
Priscilla Wald

Institutes and Centers

Center for Documentary Studies
Whitney Baker

The Duke Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity


Master of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts
Ted Mott

Duke Global Health Institute
Tammy Sorrell
Monica Roberson

Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
Yimin Wei
Shuntoya Lee
Katharine Neal

Duke Sciences & Society
Madeline Liddicoat

Duke University Energy Initiative
Stacy Peterson

Duke University Libraries
Haley Walton

John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute
Christina Chia
Dean Rhoades

Kenan Institute for Ethics
Katherine Scott

Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
Sheri Matthews
Erin McKenzie
Joshua Wilson

Social Sciences Research Institute
Amy Barbee
Megh Freeland

Center for Advanced Hindsight
Maxwell Marion-Spencer
Aline Grueneisen

Duke Population Research Institute (DuPRI)
Laura Satterfield